Giraffe Food ft. Panax

from by Redrick Sultan

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Say do what, what do
They'll do
White rabbit asked who
It's you

Have some giraffe food
This trans is miscontrued

Little one flies by
He won't try
Sick dog wants his pay
Same day

Have some giraffe food
This trans is miscontrued

Now that shes died/I'm wondering if he was happy with her life/And if the stars aligned would she live her life twice/Oh Gods guise off Christ/In a mad mans mind sometimes forgiveness don't suffice/So some suffer they're supper for chaos appetite/No none of us share covers the lost stay cold at night/But I'm told this is alright by a man perceived to be more wise because he's lived a longer life/Now should his wrinkled skin real be any indication that he's actually smarter than most men/Or this a figment of my imagination placed in because I'm suppose to praise him (I don't know I'm bout to cave man)/See I don't really know no more/So I'm about to start a war/Let out my loudest roar and kill this dinosaur/Cause in a sense her innocence was stolen for some dollars and some cents/But you're suppose to do what he does follow it/Get on your knees bend like a wallet/ My people stop it cause the only one who profits is the prophet/ So go a head and tell him/That I'm a pilot ready to take off his fuckin' melon/I'm tired of him playing with my cerebellum/ I mean look what he done did to me/He pushed me to the edge of my own lucidity/I'm crazed now so either way they'll be committing me/I could have left but it wouldn't have been right/Without making this Motherfucker pay the ultimate sacrifice/So I bring him my food/He grabs a fork to take a bite swallows it licks his lips and tastes the tinge of arsenic/Eyes wide looks in mine starts to convulse and kick/And I say thats what chu get for fuckin with my people (Fuckin burn somewhere)

Man has a magic hat
Fat cat
Catches the last rat
That's that

Have some giraffe food
This trans is miscontrued


from Trolling for Answers, released January 21, 2012




Redrick Sultan Vancouver, British Columbia

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