Trolling for Answers

by Redrick Sultan

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released January 21, 2012

Recorded at Jesus Krylser Studios & various other locations between October 2010 & December 2011.
Produced by Spencer Hargreaves & Noah Jordan
Engineered & Mixed by Spencer Hargreaves
Special Thanks to:
Liam Worthington for Mixing Assistance
Cody Klyne - Artwork & Design
Ken Burke - Mastering

Spencer Hargreaves - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Mandolin, Saxophone, Marimba, Flute
Jarrad Lajeunesse - Drums, Bass Clarinet, Vocals
Noah Jordan - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Trombone, Oud, Piano
Angus McKee - Saxophone

Special thanks to the many people who leant their talents to this recording!
Peggy Lee - Cello
Jesse Zubot - Violin, Viola
Becky Whitling - Violin (on Law & Order, Clouds)
Marcus Takizawa - Viola (on Law & Order, Clouds)
Geoff Claridge - Clarinet, Alto Saxophone (on Morningwood)
Panax - Raps
Kevan "Necro Kevin" Britton - Vibraphone on "People"
Chad Makela - Saxophone (on Giraffe Food)
Wynston Minckler - Acoustic Bass (on Three Rabbis)
Rebecca Friesen - Vocals (on People, Morningwood, The Minckler, Genesis Explosion)
Max Friesen - Vocals (on People, Trolling)
James Martin - Alto Saxophone (on Morningwood)
Steph Liatopoulos - Vocals (on People, Trolling)
Libor Michalak - Clarinet (on Rabbis)
Marlene Lower - Harp
Additional Dinosaurs Vocals - Zak Garrett, Bella McKee, Conor Mack, Devin Bates, Shaun Lee, Kelly Badger, Rachel Moulfield, Joseph Musters, HaileyBop, Scott Brady, Kyle Hamagishi, Christion Hardie

People, For Ire, Law & Order, Morningwood, Three Rabbis, Dahlin, Trolling, and Clouds written by Noah Jordan
Dance of the Trilobytes, The Minckler, and TT written by Spencer Hargreaves
Dream Song, Genesis Explosion written by Spencer Hargreaves & Noah Jordan
Dinosaurs, Sandcheck, Angus' Head Wound written by Redrick Sultan
Giraffe Food written by Redrick Sultan & Ken Rogers
Raps on Morningwood & Giraffe Food by Panax

Endless thanks to our families, friends, and fans for the love and support!




Redrick Sultan Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: For Ire
Because there's war doesn't mean there will be war
Because there's poor doesn't mean there will be poor

One may be heard as a whisper, but the yell of many cannot be ignored

To say there's no hope is a lie
The only way to live is to die

The only thing permanent is change
Track Name: Dream Song
Falling asleep again, remember to pretend
Make believe

Dreams can be so free, if you want them to be
Be free

Time to face the day, don't be afraid
We're all here
Track Name: Morningwood ft. Panax
Welcome to my lovely neighbourhood of Morningwood
Where doves fly in the sunshine days are always good.
Not the most impressive size but there's unity in small communities, proof'll be everyone sharing pleasantries in the street; momma's blowing kisses.
Hello the Mr. and Mrs. C, how little Cara be?
I'm great!
Aw that's nice, but that's the type of life that we live when we loungin' in the lap of paradise and you can't put a price on that.
It kinda remind me of a story from a few years back when Ms. C called me to ask if I could help her with some tasks while Mr. C took Cara to her gymnastic classes.
"It'd be fantastic, you'd have a blast if you could come and help me at my home where I was alone."
I'm like it'd be no sweat I'll grab my BMX and be over there in like two and a half secs

I'll wash your car
I'll check your mail
I'll mow your lawn
I'll rock your wife

Dirty hoe, she handed me to start in the garden. Diggin' keep woo she was a hot one. Started to sweat but it was well worth it, it smelt so good I had to put my nose between the two lips before layin' the delicate.
Pulled me inside said there was a shelf to fix asked me if I could. It was hardly broke, I asked if it was oak and she softly spoke and said
"Ya I love hard wood"
I bet you do. Now let's finish this up you hold down in the bottom while I hammer from the top. And don't worry once I throw in some caulk ain't nobody gonna tell that this cherry got popped, Oh wait it's oak I forgot.
And with that I tip my hat to mis-behaviour like this.
Doin' favours for your neighbours yo you always should but that's just common place that's why it's always awesome days, who playin' with Morningwood?
Track Name: Sandcheck
Into the pillow I slip away
When the air lifts up from under you

Ground steps aside it's the only way to fly
Superhuman tendencies are life-like
Fantasies who decide what's reality
State of mind is all we know

And that determines who we are
I know myself and I can believe

Ground steps aside it's the only way to fly
Superhuman tendencies are life-like
Fantasies who decide what's reality
State of mind is all we know

As I leave you wonder which of us will breath the last breath if any more.
Track Name: Three Rabbis Walk into a Bar
I guess by now you know the choices that we face
Oh if we don't work this out soon we will surely own this place.
We've seen that law is flawed and god's been robbed and flogged,
Oh the prophets that we worshipped spoke of freedom and good willing.
And then I saw three rabbis walk into a bar
they were drinking holy potion that is killing in the millions.
And then I saw the police take another life
Oh if right does wrong will wrong turn right?
Right must be right I see wrong!

By now I guess you know the choices that we've made
Oh if we can work this out soon our future will be great.
And with the law we've seen freedom reserved for some
Oh the only law is nature's law; freedom for all or for none.
And then I saw three people walk into a bar,
they were drinking magic potion that is enjoyed by the millions.
And then I saw the police save another life,
Oh if right does right will wrong turn right?
Right rights the wrong, but oh wrong....
Track Name: Giraffe Food ft. Panax
Say do what, what do
They'll do
White rabbit asked who
It's you

Have some giraffe food
This trans is miscontrued

Little one flies by
He won't try
Sick dog wants his pay
Same day

Have some giraffe food
This trans is miscontrued

Now that shes died/I'm wondering if he was happy with her life/And if the stars aligned would she live her life twice/Oh Gods guise off Christ/In a mad mans mind sometimes forgiveness don't suffice/So some suffer they're supper for chaos appetite/No none of us share covers the lost stay cold at night/But I'm told this is alright by a man perceived to be more wise because he's lived a longer life/Now should his wrinkled skin real be any indication that he's actually smarter than most men/Or this a figment of my imagination placed in because I'm suppose to praise him (I don't know I'm bout to cave man)/See I don't really know no more/So I'm about to start a war/Let out my loudest roar and kill this dinosaur/Cause in a sense her innocence was stolen for some dollars and some cents/But you're suppose to do what he does follow it/Get on your knees bend like a wallet/ My people stop it cause the only one who profits is the prophet/ So go a head and tell him/That I'm a pilot ready to take off his fuckin' melon/I'm tired of him playing with my cerebellum/ I mean look what he done did to me/He pushed me to the edge of my own lucidity/I'm crazed now so either way they'll be committing me/I could have left but it wouldn't have been right/Without making this Motherfucker pay the ultimate sacrifice/So I bring him my food/He grabs a fork to take a bite swallows it licks his lips and tastes the tinge of arsenic/Eyes wide looks in mine starts to convulse and kick/And I say thats what chu get for fuckin with my people (Fuckin burn somewhere)

Man has a magic hat
Fat cat
Catches the last rat
That's that

Have some giraffe food
This trans is miscontrued
Track Name: Genesis Explosion
Long ago when the Earth knew no names
and the stars saw nothing but nature untamed.
God: unborn. But present just the same.
and time had yet to learn to count the passing of the days

The songs were sung by the birds
The battles fought between the lions and the herds
And life was cruel, and life was fair.
Doing fine, no people here

Here and now some seeds yield fruitless trees.
Their genes patent protected by the farming companies.
And back in the lab, the stage is set for a play:
Genesis performed by man with code instead of clay.

The birds are drowned out by the cars
The battles fought over which land is theirs and ours
And life is cruel, and life is fair
Hope tomorrow's skies are clear